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Welcome to Silvana’s Kitchen!

You may know me as a mom, a friend, a magazine editor, a cookbook author or even a former bakery owner. If we haven’t met yet, hello, my name is Silvana.

This website is from me to you. Silvana’s Kitchen is for all of us who live in the gluten-free, dairy-free world.

Whether you’re gluten intolerant or celiac, or know someone who is, you can come here for great recipes and even better conversation. I’ll tell you every last secret I have for making really tasty food while sharing my personal stories along the way. I hope you’ll stop by and share your thoughts and recipes, too. My hope is to bring everyone together at one table to take pleasure in the wonderful details of our busy lives, one recipe at a time. Please introduce yourself.

Silvana Nardone

I am the mother of two awesome kids, Isaiah, 17, and Chiara, 7. At age 10, Isaiah was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Ever since, I’ve worked to keep my fridge—and my family’s stomachs—full, the way only a mom knows how, with patience and plenty of good food.

The truth is that if you’re gluten-free like my family, take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to change how you eat or what you eat. Your food can look great and taste even better than you could imagine. No compromises!

And if you cook or bake, you know that the greatest conversations always involve food—good and bad. What you ate last night for dinner and what you plan to eat tomorrow when you wake up in the morning. Maybe you’re still thinking about something your mom made years ago or something you just ate on vacation. You’re hungry. You’re deliciously full. This is how my family lives, too. Food takes us to places we long to be and holds us tight with unforgettable memories.

It’s this love of food and all that surrounds it that I want to give my family and to all of you. Eat to satisfy hunger, but more than anything, eat for fulfillment.

I will share my recipes, my tips and my stories so we can cook and eat together gluten-free. So if you’re cooking for yourself or someone who is gluten-free by necessity or choice, you won’t leave hungry. And even more, you and your family and friends will be happy!

Meet me, Silvana.

I’m the author of Silvana’s Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Kitchen: Timeless Favorites Transformed and  Cooking for Isaiah: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes for Easy, Delicious Meals. I am an online food columnist for Food & Wine and a regular contributor to Food Previously, I was the founding editor-in-chief of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, where I was also the “No-Recipe Zone” and “Sweet Spot” columnist. A writer, editor, cooking instructor and food consultant, I coauthored Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian. I was an editor at Food & Wine magazine before opening my Italian bakery, Fanciulla. I’ve appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Weekend Today, CBS’s News This Morning, ABC’s Eyewitness News This Morning and the Food Network’s Roker on the Road. I’ve also been featured in The New York Times, New York, TimeOut New York, The Associated Press and on many websites, including AOL Health, iVillageFood and Babble. I live in New York City with my children, Isaiah, 18, and Chiara, 8.

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Meet my son, Isaiah, 18

Isaiah was the classic white foods–only toddler. Now he’ll try anything, but has his small group of rotating favorites. Who doesn’t? Isaiah has been flipping pancakes since he could barely reach the stove top. These days he holds his own. He’s perhaps most famous for his bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches (on gluten-free bread, of course!) and pan-fried potatoes. He’s got a huge sweet tooth—cookies and candy keep calling his name (mine, too!).

Meet my daughter, Chiara, 8

Chiara will eat everything—mussels included! She knows her way around the kitchen and doesn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty. Chiara is now the resident egg cracker, batter mixer and taste tester.


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